Passaggio 1 / Rilke


Installation view @ Teatro Elios Aldò, Venice

Installation view @ Teatro Elios Aldò, Venice

Site-specific interactive installation
4 photographs and 4 paintings on a stair, interactive system, stereo sound
Margherita Pevere: photography
Ivan Penov: coding
Lara Usic: painting

Beyond the arid virtuality and back to the dimension of wandering and walking step by step on the manifold surface of our existence: each step brings a new harmony, in the form of progress, ascent and childish discovering of the world spreading out beneath our feet. It is, paradoxically, at our feet that we should find the most suitable place for art, and this in order to provide art with new roots, to renew our perceptions, reflections and feelings.
For every artist the great challenge of art and harmony lies in the unresolved split between feet and head, pure and  impure, earth and sky. From the perspective of the contemporary frantic celebration of progress, this may be considered as an ineluctable regression. However, Rilke’s verses sound almost prophetic: “Don’t consider Destiny to be much more than the condensed experience known as childohood”. [Andrea Burro]






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