Memories from the Void


Memories from the Void, Still from video

3-channel audiovisual installation
HD video
stereo sound
running length: 13′ 40″
music: Ivan Penov
voice: Johanna Devi

«Show me the fossils of your memories
show me the traces of your geology
let me read the book of your bones
let me learn the map of your skin
let me redraw the map of my skin
let me clean my body’s memory
let me redraft my body’s memory
let me see what I have forgotten
don’t forget I have to remember
remind me             what I have to forget
remember me       I have to forget
remind me             I have to forget» [F. S.]


What will happen to one’s own memory when the physical units used to record and store fragments of her existence will become unreadable? Will it become like a latent neuronal engram, reduced to electromagnetic waves emanating from digital relics?

Flora Schwarz, the artist’s alter ego, has experienced erasure and obliteration and ventures into a synaptic journey in order to decrypt and relocate the traces of her own memory. She guides the public along a luminescent labyrinth, drifting amid tangible architectures and their glowing shadows. Her psychological process unfolds with sequences of lines and musical permutations and is echoed by the structure of the visual stream. Will she track, this way, where the corrosion of her own self has begun?

The installation is ephemeral and intangible. In the room there are only music, a female voice and projected images of urban details. Inside the installation, the observer’s spatial perception is challenged by the hyper-saturated tones of the video projections and distant sounds. Like in a chapel, images cover the walls frescos alike. Almost inexistent sounds wrap the space leaving echoes like a mirror of silence. Their floating, vibrating films fill the space with colour reverberation and reveal thus, the unexpected tangibility of persisting memory.




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