interactive site-specific installation
paper walls
single-channel video
quadriphonic sound
500 x 470 x 300 ca.

Labyrinth is an audio-visual installation that comes to life when somebody approaches it and walks through its corridors. The vibration of the person approaching arises sounds and light – an inner glowing is awaken. The initial darkness is filled by sounds and broken by the light of the images projected on the ceiling.
The walls of Labyrinth are made of big size paintings on paper, mostly black on black, which can be gradually discovered by the visitors thanks to the luminescence of of the video projection. The changing light coming from the the ceiling floods the space underneath, thus revealing the writings and signs on the walls thanks to the different reflecting capacity of the paintings and inks used on the canvas.
At the same time, the images projected pierce the surface of the ceiling with images of reeds in the wind, water surfaces, urban views. The the spatial diffusion of the sound is controlled by the interactive system, though filling the space by the uneven sound of “Bora”, the peculiar wind of the Northern Adriatic. An interactivity system controls both dynamics of the diffusion of the sound in the space and the video-projection according to the public’s presence and movements in the space.
Albeit being dark, Labyrinth is a place of discovery, wonder, dream.


[Labyrinth is a work on the limits of perception. Any video or photographic documentation can not convey its specificity]


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