Black Boxes


Black Box #1 #2 #3Performance series
2014 – ongoing

Black Boxes is a site specific performance series inspired by the issue of media decay. The project involves a series of performative actions where I collect memories situated in a specific context and shared by people. Those memories are then sealed in a box until an arbitrary date, a day in the far future. The contents will remain unseen until the box will be opened on the given date, assuming that the storage units will still be readable by that time. Like snapshots on specific moments, the complete series of the Black Boxes will generate a time-lapse regarding the specific contexts of their creation.

During the performance, I will sit at a desk inviting the members of the public to engage in a private communication with me. On the desk, there are a range of objects they can use for this purpose: my email contact, a Polaroid camera, letter paper and some notes. I will reply to each message I receive. At the end of the performance, all the materials produced this way are put in a box. All messages sent over the internet are downloaded and saved on a hard-drive. Then, the box is sealed, thus becoming a time capsule from the days of performance. On the box there is an “expiring date” printed on it. What will happen to those data, dialogues in fifteen or twenty years?


If you feel like entrusting any of your memories – good ones, but also bad ones – to a Black Box, send your files per email to blackboxes [AT] margheritapevere [DOT] com. The files can be written text, pictures, audio, code, zipped archives, or any format that can be sent per email.

In particular occasions, I am calling for physical contributions too: the address will be published accordingly.



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