Microbial cellulose growing in saline solution, March 2016

::: NXT :::

· 3-5 November, State Festival
curated by Daniela Silvestrin
Kühlhaus Berlin, Berlin, Germany 

· 15 October, Growing Cellulose – Workshop REGISTER HERE!
Biotinkering @ Berlin Art Laboratory, Berlin, Germany

· 11/15 August, Article Biennial
Curated by Hege Tapio and Nora Vaage
Stavanger, Norway, curated by Hege Tapio and Nora Vaage


::: NEWS :::

· Liquid Debris, my work on organically eroded film strips, is featured on La furia umana, Multilingual Quaterly of Cinema Studies curated by Toni D’Angela

· Watch my interview [ITA] about the installation Oggetti smarrenti, iconici, labili at In/Visible Cities Festival, Gorizia (I), featuring Liquid Debris and Works on paper

· Download my new portfolio



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