Anatomy of an Interconnected System at Art Laboratory Berlin (c) by www.tim-deussen.de 2017

::: NXT :::

· 25-27 April, Radical Relevances Conference
Aalto University, Helsinki

· 1-23 March, Leaking. Mattering.
Solo Show, curated by Daniela Silvestrin
degewo Galerie Remise, Berlin
Opening 28 February 6:30 pm

· 24-26 November, International Interdisciplinary Conference: Nonhuman Agents in Art, Culture and Theory
Art Laboratory Berlin & The Institute for Art and Media, University of Potsdam, Berlin

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::: NEWS :::

· My work Herbarium has been featured on the printed version of Kritiker, nordic literary and essay magazine

· Good news! I have been awarded CIMO Fellowship for my PhD in Artistic Research at the Aalto University, Helsinki.

· Read Memories Encoded in DNA and Biological Reliques, nice article about my work on labiotech.eu/margherita-pevere-bioart-information/  

· Watch the teaser for Placenta, the living, leaking sculpture presented at the show Dark Habitats Dark Ecology at Spektrum  

· Download my fresh new portfolio  

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